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Getting Ready

eCommerce has its own set of complexities. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to get your positioning right. Whether that be creating the right content, product selection or pricing strategies – we can help.

Highlands can collaborate with you to maximize your sales or try our eOptimize consultancy service for an in-depth readiness plan.

HQ Sales

Highlands works with you to choose the right selling platforms for your business. Then, using our experience and contacts, we secure listings and assist with negotiations to optimize your eCommerce program.

Building long-term, sustainable relationships is at the heart of what we do.


Like any market, selling online is competitive. Our highly skilled team collaborates with you to create and execute marketing and promotional plans to maximize the visibility of your products and drive conversions. Measuring success and optimizing the plan is integral to how we operate.

Read how we helped Tombow increase their brand visibility in this case study.


Whether its 1P, 2P or 3P, Highlands can help you determine the right approach to drive profitable sales. We also have our own Marketplace account you can utilize.

Protecting your brand is important too. Helping to identify and remove unauthorized or rogue traders is one way we help do this.


In 1998, we saw the shift from traditional channels to online and launched our eCommerce division. We’ve continued to see that shift accelerate in both B2C and B2B as technology advances.

Our talented and experienced team focuses on delivering an eCommerce plan that works alongside your existing channel strategy. We look at your business holistically and drive incremental and profitable growth.

Let’s talk and see how we can help grow your entire business.